We supply 2 different Weather Parachute Models adapted to your usage and markets.

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High Altitude Balloon Payload Recovery Parachutes

WEATHER BALLOONS ASIA also manufactures Weather Balloon Parachutes used for the recovery of scientific Radiosonde Payloads from high altitude balloon flights.

We can supply 2 types of Parachutes:

- Plastic material Parachute: These Parachutes are made in High Visibility Red Colour in order to make them easier to look for and recover your Payloads in a minimum amount of time.

- Tyvek material Parachute: Those Parachutes are made in Eco Friendly material (biodegradable) and can be assembled with a cardboard disk (instead of our standard blue plastic disk).

Our Weather Balloons Parachutes are tailor made and the Parachute diameter will depend on your Radiosonde payload’s weight. Please let us know your Radiosonde payload weight and we will provide you a Quotation.

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